ARTISTE Album Label / Distributeur
1 beirut artifacts modulor records
2 dennis bovell the dubmaster – the essential anthology trojan records
3 pinnacle sound soul medecine bat records
4 naked srecna tuga narrator records
5 der supersound beast records
6 soom t good x-ray prod
7 suga roy & the fireball crew love my foundation fireball records
8 fabulous sheep social violence bitter noise
9 the wooden wolf songs of the night op7 label #14 records 
10 chapelier fou ensemb7e ici d’ailleurs…
11 ceux qui marchent debout from blues to funk baco distrib
12 deluxe moustache gracias universal/polydor
13 bold   chinese man records
14 yard act the overload island records
15 coffees and cigarettes roller coaster S.F records
16 golden bug piscolabis golden bug
17 bops sounds of parade freak-ut records
18 lyre le temps swing resistance autoprod
19 cypress hill back in black entertainment one music
20 k.o.g zone 6 agege zephyrus music
21 ecko bazz mmaso hakuna kulala
22 matteo home chinese man records
23 poldoore soft focus banzai lab
24 murman tsuladze aprerist karadeniz
25 vicious steel fuel band autoprod
26 the sure fire soul ensemble step down colemine records
27 the brnkn record the architecture of oppressi mr bongo worldwide
28 kind kinky zoo swamp Night Records
29 david krakauer mazel tov cocktail party label bleu/table pounding records
30 l’oeuf raide spirit of eggstasy II autoprod
31 kazam cycles autoprod
32 mauvais sang des corps dans le decor december square
33 teke teke shirushi kill rock stars
34 anomalie galerie autoprod 
35 johnnie carwash teenage ends wagram music
36 la colonie de vacances echt vicious circle 
37 ubik ubik i’m not feng shui humpty humpty records
38 kid loco born in the 60’s wagram music/balagan music
39 dDamage radio ape ici d'ailleurs / l'autre distribution
40 kelley stoltz antique glow raoul records
41 brmd brisa roche & IX black ash 
42 mo ti tei well dressed exile : second hummin maudite teigne
43 dubioza kolektiv fake news menart
44 bonbon vodou cimetière créole heavenly sweetness
45 euphrates ride therapy autoprod
46 silverbacks archive material full time hobby
47 bodega broken equipment what’s your rupture
48 metronomy small world  because music
49 captain rico & the ghost band frequence d’outre tombe spider music
50 great man hiboo rien a feter caravan
51 gerry bright & the stokers stand up soundflat records
52 societe etrange chance bongo joe
53 diversgens purple tape autoprod
54 emilie zoe hello future me hummus records
55 dope lemon rose pink cadillac bmg
56 yokai coup de grace humpty humpty records
57 boucan colere mammouth l’autre distrib
58 dj vadim feel up vol1 soulbeats record
59 adam carpels onirismes chancy publishing
60 arion rufus dehors c’était la nuit co$mo$ music
61 compile another records sub signals vol2 another records
62 zombie zombie vae vobis born bad records
63 gaudi   dubmission records
64 black sea dahu i am my mother mouthwatering records
65 delia meshlir calling the unknow irascible
66 the buttshakers arcania the underdog records
67 supa bassie dancehall on jamaica avenue waaah on jamaica avenue
68 sugar & tiger cristal temporel noa music
69 jay and the cooks driep up dreams juste une trace
70 govrache apagogie yapucca